[GV] New York Times Devotes a Front Page Column to a Thin Bar

Peter Fortunato, Editor

Ian Bremmer described this front page as the, “…most sobering front page [he’s] seen since 9/11.” As a member of the graduating Class of 2020, I look at this front page and feel nothing but dread.

There has never been an unluckier time to be entering the job market. One may argue that the Great Depression was worse for the job market (when unemployment reached 25%), but when economists are forecasting 30% unemployment, 2020 might take the cake.

This is what happens when the government tells its people to shut down everything.

In these unprecedented times, it makes sense that the New York Times would dedicate a whole column (along with some other space) to a single data visualization. The single bar representing nearly 3.3 million claims is worth more than the all of the words that could have fit in that space.

By next week, however, even this figure might be out-sized.

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