[BV] MSNBC does not want you to know how much people like Bernie Sanders

By Peter Fortunato, Editor

MSNBC pulled another fast one on Super Tuesday.

Take a look at how subtly they try to trick viewers minds into thinking that that Senator Sanders has more people who disfavor him than those who do favor him.

During their live coverage of Super Tuesday (March 3, 2020), when 14 states plus American Samoa held their primary elections, MSNBC decided to display some polling stats conducted before actual voting results were released. These screenshots show four different opinion polls of Democratic voters in Colorado, in which the pollsters asked voters if they favored a particular candidate or not.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that for Biden, Warren, and Bloomberg, the graphic for “Favorable” paints the bar and percentage figure as green, and “Unfavorable” in yellow. However, for Sanders, it is switched; “Favorable” is yellow and “Unfavorable” is green, and their positions in the graphic have also swapped places.

This tricks the audience into thinking that, since their is a greater magnitude associated with the color (and position) with what was previously designated for “Unfavorable” ratings, Sanders has a more unfavorable than favorable view among Colorado Democratic voters.

This screenshot is courtesy of Twitter user @PlatypiPolitics, who was responding to a tweet by @People4Bernie that contained four larger screenshots of the MSNBC broadcast.

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