[BV] MSBNC’s “The Sanders Ceiling?”

Peter Fortunato, Editor

This graphic is simply trying to minimize Bernie Sanders’ frontrunner status in the Democratic Primary.

Considering that only one candidate gets to be the nominee, there exists no utility in knowing the combined percentages of particular candidates. What this graphic is trying to portray is not how democracy works.

This non-story is an obvious distraction from other, more interesting stories that have taken place so far in this primary. Joe Biden’s polling free-fall, the debacle of the Iowa Caucuses that everyone seems to have forgotten already, and the suspicious connections Pete Buttigieg has with the makers of the app that crashed during the Iowa Caucuses debacle are a few stories that should be given more scrutiny.

But no, the producers of “Meet the Press” would spend their screen-time trying to convince people that Sanders isn’t winning. This goes contrary to the fact that Sanders won the New Hampshire primary and is leading in the most recent national poll, according to RealClearPolitics.

Overall, NBC should be ashamed of themselves for including this story in a segment titled “Data Download”.

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