[GV] These Cups Actually Measure Up

By Leah Morgan, Contributor

I really like these measuring cups by Yanko Design because they make sense. Seeing everyday utensils like these help me understand fractions and other mathematical concepts more practically.

Math was my least favorite subject in school. I felt especially discouraged when we first started learning fractions. It was incredibly hard for me to visualize them when all I saw was “3/4” and heard “three-fourths” or “three-quarters”.

I also remember baking with my mother as a child and being confused as to why measuring cups looked the same. The 1/4 cup did not look like half of the 1/2 cup. To me, they seemed almost the same size. 

The fact that these measuring cups actually represent portions is what makes them so neat. Most kids cook with family members at a young age. What if they were introduced to more accurate and consistent representations of fractions like these? 

The sizing and portion of measuring cups matter, just as they do in effective data visualizations. The whole point is being able to see the data in front of you and know exactly what to do with it. It’s visualization and utility coming together.

Did I mention they are stackable? Logistically, the production of these cups shouldn’t be an issue.

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