[OC] Miami University’s Fall 2018 In-State Enrollment

By Peter Fortunato, Editor

Miami University’s in-state enrollment for 2018 can be found in their 2018-2019 Fact Book here: https://miamioh.edu/oir/data/fbook/18-19/index.html.

The data for 2019-2020 has yet to be released, which is why last year’s data have been visualized. To be clear, this data reflects enrollment on the 15th day of classes during the Fall Semester of 2018.

I was inspired to visualize the data in this manner by the global economic forecast visualization released by The Economist. I really liked the use of both a choropleth map and bar graph because together they show both the scalar and geographic features of the data.

However, unlike The Economist graphic, I was unable to find a way to combine both the map and bar graph into one cohesive presentation. Perhaps I need to learn how to be effective in Illustrator.

I decided that my color code would reflect the quintiles in the data that I’m using. What that means is that I took the enrollment data for all 88 counties (88 data points), ordered them from smallest to largest, and then divided them up in five groups of (roughly) equal size. Because 88 divided by 5 is 17.6, some groups have 17 counties while others have 18.

The first (highest) quintile represents the highest 20% of the data. The second quintile represents the second-highest 20% of the data, and so on and so forth.

The highest quintile, which represents counties that are home to between 1,379 and 99 Miami students, reflects the major population centers in Ohio. Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Toledo are all within the counties filled with the deepest red.

What’s interesting to note is that 80% of the counties (70 counties) in Ohio sent no more than 95 students.

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